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Test Scripts, Test Cases, and Test Sc...

If you were asked to write a test case, would you know what to do? What about a test script, or a test scenario? The first step is learning what these

Managing Risk in Software Testing

How does your team come up a testing strategy? For many teams, the answer is "we don't", at least, not really. Instead the team does

Introduction to Writing User Stories ...

The agile manifesto suggests software teams should focus on working software over comprehensive documentation. That lead to the slow erosion of

Introduction to Exploratory Testing

With exploratory testing the tester builds their own map of a product, in the mind, and decides the appropriate places to go to get what they need to

Introduction to Agile Testing Respons...

The engines were cranking away on creating and using agile development practices well before the manifesto was written and signed, but testing has

Intel Services and SmartBear Collabor...

With this plugin, your investment in creating I/O Docs definitions within your Mashery service will pay further dividends by getting you up and

How To Be An Agile Tester

Under agile software development, a delivery team is expected to have everything it needs to deliver software as one team. That means the developers

API Endpoints

What's an API Endpoint? How do you monitor API Endpoints? APIs power our world, and understanding the fundamentals is key to delivering a

What Is Integration Testing

How do we test the product to find problems that only show up when all the pieces are combined and in the right place?

How Manual Testing Feeds Into Automation

We testers split work into "manual" and "automated" testing. But hands-on testing and using tools feed into each other. Let's

Balancing Functional Testing With Oth...

Functional testing is great for finding some types of problems. But using that technique alone is a bit like volunteering to put blinders on to other

What Is Data-Driven API Testing?

Data-driven programming is one of the most in-demand skillsets in this new data-driven world. This programming paradigm is not based on the usual

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