Based on open core technology proven by millions of community members, SoapUI Pro helps you ensure that your APIs perform as intended, meet your business requirements, timeframes, and team skillsets right from day one.

But how can you get the buy-in you need to make the switch from an open source solution like SoapUI?

Key Benefits of SoapUI Pro

Based on conversations with thousands of SoapUI Pro customers, we compiled a list of key benefits organizations have seen from making the switch to SoapUI Pro.

You can read the full list of benefits here, but the benefits most commonly cited from teams using the tool today, include:


Your CI process is critical to delivering changes to your APIs on time. Getting each component in that tool chain working seamlessly is important which is why SoapUI Pro is built to easily fit in to your own process.

  • Works with CI systems like Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, and more
  • Integrates with other API lifecycle tools
  • Simplifies regression testing

Command line and Java library support provide an easy way to integrate API testing in SoapUI Pro into your CI system.


Working alone in isolation is a luxury that even the smallest startups don’t often have, not to mention large teams. SoapUI Pro, part of the ReadyAPI platform, empowers software professionals with the ability to share testing projects and artifacts, report issues directly from the testing IDE, and share licenses between other team members.

  • Composite projects
  • Git / JIRA integration
  • Floating licenses

Find out how the plugins for Git and JIRA can help your team by reading the docs. To learn more about our different license types, see ReadyAPI License Types


SoapUI Pro is built to satisfy a wide range of technical experience and comfortability. The editors and wizards unique to SoapUI Pro make testing a breeze for junior tester and senior developer alike. Teams can transfer ownership over specific testing tasks easily because SoapUI Pro is built for people as much as it is for APIs.

  • Editors
  • Builders (SQL, XPath, JSONpath)
  • Visual Testing

Thousands of organizations around the world have seen the tangible time savings in simplified onboarding and responsibilities transfer over testing projects in ReadyAPI, and now it’s your turn too!


SoapUI Pro is backed by SmartBear’s excellent technical staff and by partners that provide additional training, consulting, and certification services. When your team doesn’t have much time to get their work done, SmartBear is ready to help:

  • Training
  • Certification
  • Dedicated support

Registered customers also get a free pass to join the SmartBear Customer Network where they can interact with other professionals and seasoned experts.

Calculate the ROI of SoapUI Pro

SoapUI Pro has built-in features that make your testing faster and more fun, together with our world-class support. This means that the price of switching is returned quickly in terms of Labor Savings and quicker Time-To-Market. It can also save you money in Software Defect Costs, by decreasing the amount of bugs that slip through.

To help demonstrate the value of the solution, we developed an interactive ROI calculator. This will also be a valuable tool when comparing SoapUI Pro to other solutions for your team.




$240,000 Annual software testing labor total
What's this?27% SoapUI NG Pro productivity improvement
$64,800 SoapUI annual labor cost reduction
$499 Per seat cost of SoapUI NG Pro
$3,992 Total cost of SoapUI NG Pro
$60,808 Net SoapUI labor cost reduction after licenses



21 Average number of days for service testing:
What's this?27% SoapUI NG Pro productivity improvement
6 days SoapUI NG Pro time-to-market reduction




$300,000 Annual economic impact of uncaught software defects
What's this?27% SoapUI NG Pro productivity improvement
$81,000 Economic impact reduction of better
software defect detection

8 Number of people performing software testing
using soapUI NG Pro

$499 Per seat cost of SoapUI NG Pro
$3,992 Total cost of SoapUI NG Pro
$77,008 Net economic improvement after licenses


Your total savings by going Pro:

$60,808 Labor Savings reduction after licenses
6 days Time-To-Market Reduction
$77,008 Software Defects Savings after licenses

Choosing an API Functional Testing Tool: 5 Questions to Answer for Your Manager

1. Does this tool integrate with existing technologies?

The last thing you want is for a new tool or system to cause inefficiencies with the tools you are already using. In fact, when SmartBear Software asked 2,300 API professionals for the most important factors they consider when selecting an API tool, integrations with existing tools/systems was the #1 response.

SoapUI Pro not only integrates with SmartBear’s full suite of API readiness products, as part of the ReadyAPI platform, but is also setup to integrate with your existing tools and processes.

Below is an overview of the technologies supported by SoapUI Pro, as well as our growing list of third-party integrations.

Key Technlogies Supported

  • JDBC
  • JMS,MQTT,CoAP, Websockets
  • Swagger, WSDL, WADL, RAML, API-Blueprint, I/O Doc
  • Java/Groovy

Key Integrations

  • Git
  • JIRA
  • Selenium
  • 3scale
  • WS02
  • Azure API
  • Mulesoft APIHub
  • CA API

2. What level of technical experience is required?

SoapUI Pro unifies the way development and QA teams collaborate on API quality by making otherwise complex tasks a matter of a few clicks. With features crafted to simplify monotonous tasks, improve coverage, and maximize test reusability across the software lifecycle, SoapUI Pro helps technical teams standardize their approach to API testing, regardless of skill sets or technical expertise.

With out-of-box support for many critical testing tasks, SoapUI can dramatically simplify:

  • Incorporating large data sets for greater test depth and realism
  • Dynamically validating the results of complex API operations
  • Managing configuration between multiple environments
  • Reporting on test pass/failure metrics and coverage

Additional support for importing API descriptions such as Swagger, recording tests based on real-world web and mobile apps, extracting and reusing data in API calls, and graphical editors for XML, JSON, XPath and JSON-Path syntax makes SoapUI  Pro the easiest and most versatile API testing tool available.

Some of the ways SoapUI Pro helps simplify API functional testing include:

  • Import API descriptions like Swagger and others to rapidly build out API tests
  • Record API calls based on real-world web and mobile apps using API discovery
  • Use property transfer to extract data from one response for use in a later request
  • Avoid complex scripting by building XPath and/or JSON-Path statements graphically

3. What type of reporting will this tool provide?

SoapUI Pro has a host of pre-built reports and reporting templates to help you deliver on just the information that matters to you the most. More than just visual reports, SoapUI Pro provides numerous export formats so that your continuous integration results can be stored or processed into another system for later analytics.

Report Types

ReadyAPI provides three types of reports which can be generated from inside the UI at Project, TestSuite, and TestCase level:

  1. Printable Reports – Can be printed or saved as PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel, and so on and are fully customizable on both global and project level, allowing you to create and customize any kind of report you may require.
  2. Data Export – Allows export of underlying report-data in XML and csv format. This is useful if you want to import report data into other tools for custom reporting or integrations.
  3. HTML Reports – Give a simplified overview of functional test results in HTML format

You can easily include any desired data in generated reports since you can export custom data in both Printable and Data Export Reports via the SubReport DataSink. Furthermore, all reports can be created both from within the tool (as described below) and from the Command Line.

4. Can I do all the testing I need to do with the tool, or will I need to manage multiple tools?

SoapUI Pro integrates with your entire API delivery ecosystem, from design and mocking to issue reporting and deployment.

From functional testing, to performance testing to post-deployment monitoring, SmartBear’s API tools help you to deliver accurate, fast, and secure APIs.

Here is a quick overview of the additional tools that you can add to your test suite with the ReadyAPI platform:

  • LoadUI NG Pro: Use your functional API tests to quickly spin up load against your APIs to see how they stand up, where issues lie, and what to fix before rollout. Learn more.
  • Secure Pro: Protect your services and consumers against the most common security vulnerabilities by using a complement of prebuilt tests and scans, all in time before code release so you know your production systems are as safe as possible. Use existing SoapUI test cases as the basis for your security scans. Learn more.
  • ServiceV Pro: API virtualization in ServiceV Pro helps you deliver great APIs on time and under budget, and does so for a fraction of the cost typically associated with traditional enterprise service virtualization suites. Learn more.
  • AlertSite: Monitor your internal, partner or public APIs, effortlessly. AlertSite monitors both REST and SOAP APIs for availability, performance and functional correctness. Learn more.

5. Can this tool be used across my team?

Developers, architects and QA engineers all share a unified approach to ensuring the correctness of their APIs in continuous delivery and other automation scenarios. SoapUI Pro makes it as easy as possible to create test scenarios by providing design tools that use point-and-click shortcuts to simplify advanced functionality down to a few clicks.

Already using SoapUI open source? The same skills and testing knowledge you use in SoapUI open source are immediately applicable in SoapUI Pro. With an improved interface enhancing your experience, you can immediately switch from SoapUI and pick up on your projects right where you left off in SoapUI Pro.

SoapUI Pro in Action: How SoapUI Pro has helped other organizations reduce testing time and costs

Based on open core technology proven by millions of community members, SoapUI Pro helps you ensure that your APIs perform as intended, meet your business requirements, timeframes, and team skill sets right from day one.

SoapUI Pro is trusted by top brands and organizations across a variety of industries including — technology, financial, medical, manufacturing, e-commerce, and government agencies. When evaluating any software tools — especially a tool for maintaining the quality of your API — you’ll want to be able to see how the solution has worked for others in your industry. Below, we have outlined a few examples from organizations that are using SoapUI  Pro to ensure the quality of their APIs.


Healthcare Data Solutions: Reducing API Test Set-Up Time More Than 80%

  • Background: Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS) aggregates large data sets from healthcare providers and other healthcare organizations. The APIs that the HDS software team develops for these applications play a critical role in how effectively the information-delivery systems perform.
  • The Challenge: When testing APIs, the software QA team at HDS found that the time to test multiple data sets, set up testing artifacts, and then diagnose the root causes of issues impeded its ability to release software updates on schedule. In looking for a solution, HDS hoped to find a data-driven testing tool that offers point-and-click testing without requiring scripts as well as easy-to-use features that work effectively for developers and testers.
  • How SoapUI Pro helps: Regression testing the same situations across multiple environments — development, QA/staging, and production— used to require a lot of manual work. But with the SoapUI Pro environment, HDS can quickly switch the same tests to run against any environment. HDS also revamped the regression suites to be more robust and easier to update versus the previous way.

“As we continue to improve the way we utilize the SoapUI Pro tool in the ReadyAPI platform, we are seeing improvements that put us onto the path of even better testing coverage. We can now deliver feedback to the software development team in a timelier manner and achieve our on-time delivery goals.” Roland Wimpey – Software QA Manager Healthcare Data Solutions

Open Dealer Exchange: Building out a robust QA team with SoapUI Pro

  • Background: Open Dealer Exchange is a technology leader within the automotive financing and insurance process for connecting lenders and insurance product providers with their dealer partners throughout the United States and Canada. In 2011, Open Dealer Exchange decided to build out a more robust and dedicated QA team in response to a growing customer base.
  • The Challenge: Open Dealer Exchange’s primary offering is a collection of Web Services allowing automotive dealerships, lending institutions and insurance companies to transact business with each other when consumers purchase, lease or sell automobiles. Open Dealer Exchange wanted to equip the organization with the necessary tools to test the middleware in the absence of a user-facing application
  • The Solution: SoapUI Pro is now the primary tool being used by the Open Dealer Exchange QA and application development teams to generate tests to see how well their numerous Web Services perform.

“One of the most important functions in SoapUI Pro that the free version does not offer is the data source function. This allows us to pull parameters from an external XML or Excel file then submit multiple test cases. This is something we need every day. The end-to-end performance reports SoapUI Pro generates are also a major plus. We can easily identify how well our applications perform and pinpoint where any bottlenecks occur.”

Stephen Weberman, Manager, Quality Assurance for Open Dealer Exchange

Liaison Technologies: Streamlining API testing with data-driven testing through SoapUI Pro

  • Background: In 2011, Liaison Technologies began converting its UI-based applications into API-based applications to streamline the process of exchanging data with customers.
  • Challenge: According to QA Manager, Nital Patel, each application requires 50 or more APIs, so Liaison Technologies needed an efficient way to test how well the APIs work before customers interact with the applications. If the APIs don’t work well, customers can’t exchange data — API performance is critical.

“At the time, we did not have a user interface for testing APIs. We thus needed a tool that enables us to send requests and receive responses to verify each API implementation. One of our key requirements was the ability to conduct data-driven API testing, since our customers exchange so much data with us when using our applications.”

  • Solution: In addition to testing every new and updated API of customer-facing applications, Liaison Technologies also relies on SoapUI Pro to test APIs within its internal applications that staff members relies on to provide services to customers.

When customers send data to us that we need to process, we must make sure the applications we use internally also process data efficiently. This is possible only if the APIs work well. As an example, SoapUI Pro helps identify when input data is not valid. It also helps our developers know when and where to run the specific error messages so end users always know when the input information is not valid.

QA Manager, Nital Patel

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