Data-driven testing is when you store test data (input, expected output, etc.) in some external storage (spreadsheet, XML, etc) and then use that data iteratively in your tests when running them. For example, to test your phone lookup service, you might have a list of names and their related phone numbers in a spreadsheet. You can hook up the spreadsheet to your test so you can use that data to 'drive' your tests, checking that each name gets the right phone number back.

In SoapUI Pro, creating data-driven tests comprise three basic elements:

Data source

SoapUI Pro includes a DataSource TestStep for reading test data from a number of external sources (Excel files, XML properties, JDBC sources, files/directories, etc.) and converting them into standard SoapUI Pro properties.


You can then use Property Transfer or Property Expansion to use that data in other TestSteps for requests, assertions, xpath-queries, scripts, and so on.

DataSource Loop

Then you use the DataSource Loop TestStep to loop back over the previous TestSteps for each row or record in the DataSource.

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