SoapUI NG Pro 1.8

SoapUI NG just got even better with these new features:

  • Do so much more! Import your Postman collections

    Now you can easily import the collections you created in Postman into SoapUI NG. We’ve added the capability to import lightweight API tests created in Postman into SoapUI NG, and expand them as robust, scalable, and comprehensive test suites. With the new SoapUI NG you will join millions of developers and testers who have transformed the way they test by going beyond the basics.
  • Now use OAuth 1.0 for your API testing

    SoapUI NG has always had comprehensive support for authentication schemes including OAuth 2.0, but due to tremendous demand from our customers we have now added support for OAuth 1.0.
  • Work seamlessly with Swagger

    We have now added support to import Swagger definitions into SoapUI NG through the built-in plugin. You can create SoapUI projects from Swagger definitions that belong to you, your customers, or your partners. You can also export and share your SoapUI Pro projects as new Swagger definitions. Comprehensive testing with Swagger is now just a matter of few clicks with the new SoapUI NG.

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