Automate All Your API Testing

Packed with advanced end-to-end features, SoapUI Pro also includes command-line tools so you can run your tests from just about any task scheduler or as an integrated part of your build process. You can even customize the test execution to override test parameters, control which tests to run or output (and much more).

Integrate with any of these popular tools via the SoapUI Pro Command-Line Interface (CLI):

SoapUI Pro + Hudson = Continuous Integration, the easy way. With these two powerful tools, the development process is always running and finding bugs is easier.


Run and customize your tests within ANT's automated build system for instant regression tests and build verifications.

Integrate and run your tests within a Bamboo build just by typing a few simple commands. Automation and integration - for quicker and more efficient testing.

Integrate your unit tests with your API tests. Using TestRunner to launch SoapUI Pro's CLI tools, you can run and control the execution of SoapUI Pro tests from JUnit.

Run your SoapUI Pro tests and mocks from within a Maven build by using a few simple commands. No need to run an entire project—you can specific specific TestCases or TestSuites for a more targeted integration.

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