ServiceV Pro 2.1

ServiceV Pro just got even better with these new features:

  • Control your virtual services better with the new dashboard

    Now you can see your virtual services alongside your functional and load test results. The new dashboard provides easy access to virtual services, you can view, start and stop services.
  • Reduce dependencies on relational databases

    New version of ServiceV Pro allows you to record and replay JDBC transactions, this allows you to continue development and testing even when your database is unavailable.
  • Create virtual APIs even faster with improved user interface

    The virtual service setup functionality has been improved with easier to access controls, search functionality and better control on the creation, edition and deletion of virtual responses. 
  • Get meaningful insights with the improved transaction logs 

    The transaction logs can now be switched on or off with the flip of a switch, they can now be searched through the new search functionality.

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