Real-time API Recording & Switching

Not just advanced mocking, ServiceV Pro includes the ability to act as a high performance proxy. This enables two very important activities:


Setting your Virt into routing mode turns ServiceV into an API recorder, building up the actions and endpoints in your Virt automatically based on real-world traffic. This allows you to avoid creating Virts manually, even without a descriptor! The faster you build your Virts, the faster you can build great tests and ship that awesome API.



Fast Switching

Toggling the routing feature allows you to quickly test and diagnose issues in real time. Especially useful in agile and DevOps shops, being able to model, code, and integrate becomes a whole lot easier when you have ServiceV in the mix. Also very useful on an API sandbox (Virt deployed to VirtServer for use by others) when you need to visualize and diagnose problematic API calls from a partner, 3rd party developer, or even simply another member of your team.

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