Custom Scans

For those who want more control over the design and execution of their API security tests, Secure Pro, on the Ready! API platform, provides the ability to start from a clean slate and build your own scans. In Secure Pro, a security test is basically a layer on top of an existing test case, adding any number of security scans to each of the Request TestSteps beneath. 

To help you build and configure the security scans that make sense for your API, Secure Pro includes the following scans that you can populate:

  • Boundary Scan
  • Cross Site Scripting 
  • Fuzzing Scan
  • Invalid Types
  • Malformed XML
  • Malicious Attachment
  • SQL Injection
  • XML Bomb
  • XPath Injection
Custom Scan Drop-down menu

If none of those meet your needs, you can also choose Custom Script to write your own security scan in Javascript or Groovy. Your script will be invoked with parameters, log, context, securityScan, and testStep variables. Back To All Features
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