Pre-Built Load Testing Templates

LoadUI Pro has pre-built load strategies to jump start your load testing

Endless Testing Strategies

The load strategies available in LoadUI Pro allow you to simulate various types of load over time, enabling you to easily test the performance of your API under a number of conditions. The strategies included in LoadUI Pro are:


This strategy lets you set the load rate then automatically runs the number of requests needed to maintain the desired rate. This is a good strategy to use in combination with other strategies so you can explore your API's response to steady state volume in combination with other load activity.


This strategy waits for the configured delay time then runs a defined number of threads for a specific duration. This allows you to mimic a spike of traffic against your API.

Ramp Up

This strategy allows you to configure the relative change in the number of requests over time by setting the peak arriving users and the ramp duration.

Ramp Sequence

Get the most from your load testing by determining first what your base volume is, then telling LoadUI Pro what the peak arriving user volume is. For extra strength, add in ramp duration to set how long the volume should continue to increase, and peak duration to set how long the top volume should be sustained.  


Use a drawing tool to build the increase and decrease of load over time, just the way you want it. Add in think time for a more powerful simulation of user behavior.


Use this strategy to vary the number of threads over time in a sawtooth, sine wave, or square pattern by setting both the duration of the test and the amount of variance in thread count.

Schedule Out Load Template Execution

LoadUI Pro helps visualize payloads over time. When multiple scenarios play out, it’s important to be able to control when certain volumes of traffic are introduced, such as a spike test a few minutes in to a steady state profile load test. Using different load profiles (like ramp, fixed, variance) over a period of time helps you simulate real-world conditions, and the scheduler compliments this need.

The LoadUI Pro scheduler allows you to control the timing of each scenario in the load tests. 


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