If you are looking for additional power beyond the menu selections in ReadyAPI, you can write your own scripts that can perform a number of more advanced functions. ReadyAPI provides the following features for JavaScript and Groovy scripting:

  • Use the Code Completion feature as a convenient way to access descriptions of functions and their parameter lists. Using ReadyAPI's code completion reduces the amount of memorization and research you need to do when developing your scripts.
  • To help you get started, ReadyAPI includes some basic script editors that invoke the variables specific to their function. For example, when you create a new testsuite, there are built-in script editors for setup, teardown, and reporting.
  • Store your Groovy classes in a Groovy Script Library that can be accessed from any script in ReadyAPI then just set the path to that library in your ReadyAPI preferences. We'll take care of keeping current by continually checking the library for updates so your new or existing scripts continue to work.
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