JIRA Test Management with QAComplete

Easily keep your team members who love to use Jira up-to-speed on any testing activities taking place in QAComplete using QAComplete Jira integration. Any changes you make to requirements and defects in QAComplete are available in real-time within Jira.

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Ensure your Jira issues are always up-to-date and walk away from scheduled or manual syncs. Any changes you make in QAComplete or Jira are automatically reflected across user stories, tasks, bugs, or even custom issue types in the other tool. 

Switch Between Tools Easily

Directly look up any linked QAComplete projects within Jira. Or if needed view testing activities associated to Jira issues within QAComplete. With a single click jump from one tool to another to reduce delays.

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Connect To Multiple Jira Projects Quickly

Map multiple Jira projects to QAComplete in a single click. Reduce delays and data synchronization issues often encountered while mapping projects individually. Remove the overhead and burden of maintaining and upgrading project mappings.

Get Updates As They Happen

Get real-time updates across user story, task, bugs, or even custom issues in Jira by easily syncing and tieing requirements and defects of QAComplete to Jira. Ensure attachments are synced in Jira whenever requirements and defects within QAComplete are changed or updated. 

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Auto Populate Tests Steps in Jira

QAComplete Jira Integration

Easily reproduce test scenarios by bringing test steps defined in QAComplete to Jira. Design test cases in QAComplete and associate these with defects. Ultimately sync back defects containing test steps in-real time to issues in Jira for debugging purposes. 

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