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The ability to report on the results of your manual and automated tests is critical for teams and outside stakeholders. QACcomplete not only helps you link test cases to requirements, defects and test history, but with over 50 prebuilt reports and dashboards, its easy to see how these metrics are impacting your development efforts. Whether you're trying to measure test coverage, defect densit, time spent in QA or costs, QAComplete has you covered.

Get deep visibility into you testing process

Get deep visibility into your testing process

  • Track the coverage of your tests using comprehensive reports
  • Get a single report for different tests run against any platform or environment
  • Leverage end-to-end traceability reports for requirements, tests, and defects
  • Quickly identify which tests can be automated to reduce cost and time

Define escalation rules to quickly resolve bottlenecks

Define escalation rules to quickly resolve bottlenecks 

  • Reduce false alerts by setting up notifications 
  • Revert back to previous versions when needed
  • Drill down into individual defects to trace back to requirements and user stories


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Bring in data from existing tools to get end-to-end analytics

Bring in data from existing tools to get end-to-end analytics

  • Stop building integration by out of box plugins
  • Full two way integration with Jira and other tools
  • API access available for bringing in third-party data 



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