LoadComplete comes with various easy-to-use features that help you get started instantaneously and gain an end-to-end visibility into your application performance. Features such as an ability select browser type and connection speed help simulate user activities as close to real-life conditions as possible. Other powerful and easy-to-use functionalities that come with LoadComplete include: 

  • Run load tests as a part of continuous integration process. 
  • Distribute tests between on-premise, virtual machines, or the cloud.
  • Quickly identify issues using server and browser side reporting.
  • Run tests from multiple geographical locations.

Use Record and Replay to Create Load Tests

Record and replay realistic application usage scenarios in order to create load tests without writing scripting.

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Visual programming

Drag and drop the conditional logic controls to create powerful and flexible tests without additional scripting.

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On-demand load generation from the cloud

With LoadComplete, you can generate as much load as needed from public or private cloud within just few seconds. This not only helps you save on infrastructure costs, but also gives you the flexibility to test how your application behaves when it is accessed from different geographical locations.

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Test a Variety of Web Applications

Need load testing for websites or web apps? We’ve got you covered. With LoadComplete, you can easily and quickly identify performance issues that could affect customer satisfaction of your websites and web applications.

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Cloud Test Cost Estimator

With Cloud Test Cost Estimator, you can easily find out how much running a particular load test on cloud will cost you. This in turn allows you to prevent any anonymous costs associated with running cloud load tests.

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Run Load Tests with External Data

LoadComplete makes it easier for you to diversify automated load tests by allowing you to replace input parameters with a variety of different values. You thus don’t have to use the same hard-coded values in your load tests every time.

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Customize Load Tests as per your Requirements

LoadComplete allows you to customize different properties for the load test, right from the user interface. This enables you to easily find out how your application adapts to different client and network characteristics. There is no need to write custom scripts to simulate different traffic scenarios.

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Run Distributed Load Tests

Simulate very high workload by distributing load tests among on-premise machine and the cloud. Additionally, LoadComplete comes with preconfigured options that helps you get up and running quickly.

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Comprehensive Analytics and Customized Reporting

LoadComplete comes with a wide range of client-side and server-side metrics. You can thus ensure that both the front as well as backend of the application works as expected. Additionally, if there is an issue, finding the source of the problem becomes easy.

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Validate Server Response Data

Create different rules for checking not just the server response code, but also the message content received from the server. You can even define numerous validation rules for the same request and thereby create compound checks.

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Reuse functional tests to create load tests

Effortlessly create performance tests from functional tests. Convert existing functional tests to performance tests with a single click though TestComplete’s integration with LoadComplete. No need to write custom script for conversion or create performance tests from scratch.

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