Product Managers


What You Do

As a primary stakeholder in the software development process, it’s your job to ensure that your development team, testing team and you are on the same page. Reviewing user stories and requirements documents helps to ensure that the project is understood and agreed upon before development even begins. Taking the time to peer review up front helps save time and prevents issues further downstream.

How Collaborator Can Help

  • Easily upload user stories and requirements in pdf or word format
  • Create an open dialog between all stakeholders involved in the project
  • Ensure project deliverables can actually be met with signoff by the entire team
  • Comply with required federal regulations with audit trails



What You Do

As a developer, one of your main responsibilities is to deliver quality code. To make sure that your code is concise and maintainable, it is best to get feedback from your peers. Code review is the quickest and easiest way to obtain that feedback. Not only does it help to catch bugs and defects earlier in the software development lifecycle but it also helps to transfer knowledge throughout the entire development team.

How Collaborator Can Help

  • Finding defects before the code ships to customers
  • Fostering daily team collaboration and communication
  • Complying to federal regulations with documented audit trails
  • Providing detailed metrics and reporting on each code review

QA Teams


What You Do

In order to ensure defect free code before it gets to QA, a QA manager should encourage some of their team members to participate in the code review process. Even though code reviews may be viewed as solely a developer’s responsibility, testers who participate in code reviews often have a different perspective on the code and can offer unique insights that may not have been previously considered.

In addition to code reviews, the QA team should be participating in user story and requirements reviews as well as reviewing test cases and test plans. Taking the time to review test artifacts helps to catch use case scenarios and ensure valid test coverage.

How Collaborator Can Help

  • Help to catch bugs before code reaches the QA process
  • Increase knowledge share between product managers, developers and testers
  • Validate that test cases and test plans are sufficiently covering all aspects of both new and old code
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