AQtime Pro's Failure Emulation

AQtime includes a Failure Emulator that lets you simulate faults during your application run and monitor their impact on the application behavior. This way you can:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of application’s built-in fault detection and recovery code.
  • Determine the performance loss due to failures.
  • Identify dependability bottlenecks that may need to be addressed using fallback solutions.

AQtime integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio and Embarcadero RAD Studio, allowing you to perform runtime fault injection while debugging your application in the IDE.

No Source Code Changes

AQtime’s Failure Emulator does not need any changes in your application code. You can inject faults even into applications with no source code available.

Achieve Higher Code Coverage

Software failures can be difficult to reproduce in normal operating conditions. AQtime’s Failure Emulator lets you simulate failures with high accuracy and repeatability, allowing you to easily reach the exception handling and recovery code.

Simulate Various Fault Types

AQtime supports emulating different faults:

  • File system errors (missing or locked files, access denied, etc.).
  • Registry errors (missing or read-only values, access denied and so on).
  • Low memory.
  • COM errors (missing COM servers, unregistered ProgIDs, etc.).
  • Condition-triggered faults (for example, each Nth time or Nth time onwards).

Integrated Debugging Aids

AQtime shows the complete failure call stack and lets you navigate to the lines in your code where the failure detection and handling happens.


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