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SmartBear is an Embarcadero Technology Partner and has been making tools for Delphi and C++Builder application developers for over 14 years. Our performance and memory profiler AQtime is available as an extension to Embarcadero RAD Studio, allowing developers to analyze and optimize their applications without leaving the IDE.

Here’s why AQtime is the industry standard for Delphi and C++Builder application profiling.

RAD Studio Integration

AQtime integrates with Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6, XE7, XE8, and 10. With AQtime, profiling in the IDE is as easy as running your application. All profiling features are available at hand via the IDE menus and toolbars, so you can get started quickly.

Superior Delphi and C++Builder Support

AQtime profiles a wide range of Delphi and C++Builder applications, including standalone applications, Windows services, Web services, IDE packages (.bpl), Control Panel applets (.cpl), COM, DCOM and COM+ applications .

64-bit Support

AQtime is 64-bit compatible and lets you profile 64-bit Delphi and C++Builder applications.

Know Exactly What to Optimize

AQtime helps you pinpoint the exact functions and lines of code that cause performance issues and memory leaks in your applications. You can quickly navigate from the profiling reports to the corresponding code in the RAD Studio editor. With timings, hit counts and other profiling metrics displayed next to the code lines in the editor, you can easily see what exactly needs optimization.

Keep Track of the Optimization Process

Profiling settings and results are stored in your RAD Studio project group for quick access and later reuse. You can compare previous profiling data with the latest results to understand the performance effects of recent code changes.

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