Discover Memory Leaks

AQtime helps you pin down memory and resource leaks in your application to ensure high application efficiency and stability. You can use AQtime as a standalone memory allocation debugger, or integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio and Embarcadero RAD Studio.

Find and Monitor Memory Leaks

Using AQtime, you can detect various types of memory and resource leaks :

  • Class instance leaks.
  • Unreleased memory blocks.
  • Handle leaks (file, mutex, semaphore, registry handles and so on).
  • GDI and GCI+ resource leaks (bitmaps, fonts and so on).
  • COM and reference count leaks.
  • Print Spooler memory leaks.

Monitor Memory Allocation in Real Time

AQtime Memory Monitor shows your application’s memory and resource allocations in real time to help you detect excessive memory and resource usage. You can monitor total memory usage, memory usage by category (heap, reserved virtual memory and so on), resource types (brushes, fonts, etc.), as well as individual classes used in your application. At any time, you can capture a complete memory snapshot for more comprehensive application memory analysis.

Compare Memory Snapshots

AQtime lets you capture and compare application memory snapshots to identify memory leaks and analyze application memory usage. You can easily track which objects stay alive longer than they should be.

Compare Memory Snapshots

AQtime tracks the allocation call stack of all live objects, so you know exactly where – in which source file, function and line – the leaked objects were created.

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