Apiary API Blueprint Plugin for Ready API

A plugin for Ready API that allows you to import API Blueprints into Ready API and generate test suites and virtual APIs.


Install the plugin via the integrated Plugin Repository available via the Plugin Manager in Ready API.


There are two parts to this plugin – one designed to help people consume APIs that have an existing Blueprint and one designed for API providers who want to generate Blueprints for an existing API.

To import a Blueprint into Ready API:

Use one of these options to import Blueprints:

  1. Select “New” on the Projects tab and choose "Create empty project”.

  2. Right-click on a project name and choose “Import from API blueprint”.

  3. In either case, you will be prompted for the location of the Blueprint and the Default Endpoint of the API.

  4. Browse to the definition and click OK. After you enter the default endpoint, you can also choose the actions you want Ready API to take with that API:

    • Create sample requests

    • Generate MockServices

    • Generate TestSuites

To export an API Blueprint using an API from inside Ready API:

You can also easily transform any other API service description into an API Blueprint by using the Export to API Blueprint feature. To do this:

  1. Right-click on any API listed in your Ready API projects.

  2. A dialog box displays asking for the target location and the name you want to save it under.