SmartBear Webinar: Unexpected Benefits: The Long Term Windfall of Acceptance Testing

Featuring Guest Speaker, Author and Agile Testing Expert, Gojko Adzic
Beverly, MA — March 14, 2011 —

SmartBear Software today announced a Webinar titled, “Unexpected Benefits: The Long Term Windfall of Acceptance Testing,” featuring guest speaker, author and agile testing expert, Gojko Adzic. The Webinar will examine a different model of looking at acceptance and regression testing based on a recent survey of teams with long term sustainable quality.

When: Tuesday, March 22, from 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET
Webinar: Unexpected Benefits: The Long Term Windfall of Acceptance Testing
Most of the discussion on automated acceptance tests focuses on immediate benefits in development and defect detection or regression testing. But that's not nearly all you can get from your tests. Using the right testing approach, teams can meet their short-term goals and also receive some unexpected benefits, such as making it easier to support systems, more successfully adjust to changes in their business models, and how to survive the loss of key business people.

While working on his new book, Gojko Adzic interviewed more than 50 teams that got big pay-offs from automated acceptance tests, including some that have been using agile acceptance testing for six or seven years.

In this Webinar, Gojko will discuss:
  • Which long-term benefits are achievable with the right acceptance tests
  • Recommended best practices to achieve these benefits
  • How to successfully use “Specification by Example” practices in Agile development
Presenter: Gojko Adzic, Director, Neuri Ltd
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