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Beverly, MA — March 20, 2011 —

Software Quality Connection, a new online community focused on the interests of software developers, testers and IT professionals in the trenches, has launched at and The community provides an unfiltered platform to help developers and testers discuss their views with peers and experts, stay up to date on the latest trends, talk about career issues, learn how to improve the quality of their software, share the problems that matter most to them, and occasionally, laugh – with no corporate red tape to get in the way.

Joe Krivickas, co-editor-in-chief, Software Quality Connection, said, “Many individuals are looking every day for ways to improve software quality across all aspects of the application lifecycle. We want to provide them with a platform where their experience, knowledge and opinion can be easily shared across the world, helping the entire community to advance the cause of software quality.”

The community combines expert opinion, educational articles, forums and personal views about software quality across categories dedicated to programming, quality, process, business and IT career issues. Contributors to Software Quality Connection are active software development and testing practitioners along with software industry experts and thought leaders.

Recently published opinion pieces and articles include:

  • Does Committing Code to an Open Source Project Mean Committing Career Suicide? by Shawna McAlearney looks at legal concerns developers should be aware of before becoming a committer.
  • 4 Ways to Make the Ship/No-Ship Decision by Matt Heusser shares his thoughts on how to help declare a software development project, “done.”
  • I Think My Testing Group Can Be Better, by Brenda Kerton provides a set of questions to uncover problems, whether it’s a people, skills, process or practices issue.
  • Safest Career Choices for Developers (If You Don’t Want Your Job To Go Away) by Lisa Vaas focuses on mobile development and developer skills with staying power.

Users can easily engage, follow the discussions and stay connected with Software Quality Connection via Facebook, an e-mail newsletter, or by following on Twitter @SQconnection.

Esther Schindler, editorial director for Software Quality Connection said, “Software Quality Connection is not only a platform to discuss software quality issues, but truly a collaboration and conversation among serious software development, quality assurance and IT professionals. The articles, opinions and forums, even the cartoons, are sure to spark deeper discussions that will only help to improve the quality of our industry.”

About Software Quality Connection

Software Quality Connection is an online community for software developers, QA, and other IT professionals in the trenches to learn how to improve software quality, exchange views with peers and experts, and develop their careers. Established and maintained by SmartBear Software, the company’s sponsorship is a way to share expert knowledge with the software development and testing community. Join the conversation at; follow on Twitter at @SQconnection or Facebook at

Community Manager:
Alex Forbes

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