SmartBear Software Enhances Application Lifecycle Management Tools

Augments Collaboration Between Software Teams, Project Managers and Customers
Beverly, MA — April 17, 2011 —

SmartBear Software today announced ALMComplete™ 9.6, the latest release of its application lifecycle management tool. ALMComplete 9.6 enhancements (which also include DevComplete and QAComplete) add additional features for distributed development teams and project managers, improving visibility and efficiency through online task boards, and customer collaboration through customizable support management micro-sites.

Steve Miller, Vice President of ALM Solutions at SmartBear said, “ALMComplete 9.6 simplifies the management of building software and empowers teams to be more efficient and better collaborate. End-to-end traceability for defects submitted directly by customers via customizable support ticket micro-sites and new task boards enable ‘just-enough’ information for development teams to remain agile and on track.”

ALMComplete 9.6 includes capabilities for cross-project task management, customer support incident tracking and test automation with the following new features and enhancements:

Cross Project Task Management – New Task Board

The new Task Board gives developers the ability to organize all of their assigned tasks and identify critical or delayed items. The simple to use “drag & drop” interface enables developers to reprioritize tasks just like sticky notes on a white board to stay on track whether in or out of the office.

Support Management – Enhanced Customizable Customer Support Ticket Micro-sites

Improved self-service management and customization of Support Ticket micro-sites enable clients to create, manage and customize the branding and layout of the web pages they use to track customer service issues and defects. Tracking what issues must move to development versus which can be easily managed by support also improves customer satisfaction and reduces support calls.

Automated Testing – New Automation Scheduler

A new automation scheduler allows development teams to schedule TestComplete or HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) tests to automatically run during off hours or between builds, then view results in the Test Cases Dashboard. Supports automated testing with scripts residing locally or on network shares.

Additional enhancements include an Active Directory integration that improves security by allowing companies to maintain all their passwords in Active Directory, reducing the need for duplicate passwords and user setup within ALMComplete. In addition, new reporting capabilities include improved project management reporting of key KPI (Key Performance Indicators) with personalized dashboards and the ability to schedule reports to run with distribution via email.

For a complete list of new features and enhancements, please visit:

Webinar Preview and Registration

Join Steve Miller on Thursday, April 21 at 1:00 PM ET to learn how ALMComplete can make teams more efficient. ALMComplete “Sneak Peek” Webinar: Increasing Team Visibility and Collaboration to Get More Done.


ALMComplete 9.6 (including DevComplete and QAComplete) is available immediately as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or on-premise. A free trial is available at ALMComplete. To view a feature and pricing comparison table with DevComplete and QAComplete, visit:
ALMComplete's Price & Buy page.

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