SmartBear Wins Jolt Product Excellence Award in Testing and Debugging Category with TestComplete 8.0

SmartBear Wins Jolt Product Excellence Award in Testing and Debugging Category with TestComplete 8.0
Beverly, MA — December 02, 2010 —

SmartBear Software today announced that Dr. Dobb’s has chosen its automated testing tool, TestComplete 8.0, as the winner of the 20th Annual Jolt Product Excellence Awards in the Testing and Debugging category. This is the fifth Jolt Award for TestComplete, having won the Productivity Award several times and Product Excellence Award in previous years.

SmartBear’s TestComplete 8.0 was nominated by and awarded top honors by a distinguished panel of Dr. Dobb’s judges who “are recognized as forward-looking gurus who provide insight into the latest and most promising industry trends in the software development industry. They define which software development products are ahead of the curve. The awards honor products that are universally useful, that are simple, yet rich in functionality, or that redefine their product space,” said Jonathan Erickson, Dr. Dobb’s editor-in-chief.

Mike Riley, Jolt judge and Dr Dobb’s contributor, said, “If you’re looking for an easy, script-free automation tool that can also create sophisticated, script-driven tests, capable of putting a range of technologies through their paces, SmartBear Software’s TestComplete 8 should be at the top of any Windows developer’s list.”

Joe Krivickas, CEO, SmartBear, added, “We are proud to accept the accolades from these industry experts for the major advancements made to TestComplete in 2010. We are solely focused on building enterprise-class development and QA tools to help developers and testers improve software quality. We’d like to thank Dr. Dobb’s and the judges for closely evaluating the merits of TestComplete and for this prestigious honor.”

SmartBear tools are highly functional and easy to use, try and buy, and have won numerous Jolt Awards over the years. SmartBear’s peer code review tool, CodeCollaborator, has also won the coveted Jolt Product Excellence Award and its QA and development management tool, ALMComplete, won the Jolt Productivity Award under its previous name, Software Planner, prior.

A free 30-day trial of TestComplete can be downloaded at TestComplete.

About the Jolt Awards

Dr. Dobb’s Jolt Awards recognize the most innovative, trend-making, ahead-of-the-curve products in software development. From mobile phones to massive data centers, open source or proprietary, Jolt Award winners represent the products, books and technologies that “jolt” the industry with their significance.

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