Diagnose Web Performance Issues – SmartBear Announces Enhanced Google Analytics Integration with AlertSite

Easily visualize the cause and effect relationships between website performance and consumer behavior
Beverly, MA — May 22, 2011 —

Delivering fast and feel-good website performance is paramount to achieving impressive business results from online customer touch points. IT and marketing professionals who monitor website performance with AlertSite® already know the symptoms of performance blues: poor availability and inconsistent or slow response times that lead to abandoned shopping carts and customer dissatisfaction. Now AlertSite, a SmartBear Software business, is helping customers better understand the link between website performance and online results by offering the capability to overlay 20 additional Google Analytics metrics with their own Web performance metrics. AlertSite now gives users a total of 24 unique Google metrics to include in their analysis.

Incorporating more comprehensive Google Analytics metrics gives IT and marketing professionals the tools to easily visualize the business impact technical performance has on website visitor behavior. An expanded customer dashboard lets users overlay technical and behavioral data in multiple line graphs, look as far back as the past 30 days, and analyze data from any of the 75 locations included in the AlertSite Global Monitoring Network. The dashboard reveals how website performance influences customer behavior and vice versa.

Rocco Lombardo, Technology Director for America’s Test Kitchen, said, “Being able to visualize visitor metrics and performance data is the holy grail in understanding and improving how users experience our site. With the additional Google Analytics metrics AlertSite now offers, we’ll have better insight into how performance affects abandon rates which will help us improve conversion and boost revenue. The addition of these new metrics will also provide the deeper insight I need to make informed decisions on where and how we will spend our development dollars.”

Milind Govekar, Research VP with Gartner, Inc., said, “The mapping of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) data with freely available Web analytics together provide both technical and marketing insight to help understand the degree of impact between consumer behavior and website performance, aiding efforts to improve customer experience and a company’s bottom line.”

Including visitor analytics data in AlertSite couldn’t be easier. Users click a drop-down menu to select and extract traffic data from their Google account, and moments later, their traffic and performance data are overlaid on the screen. Users can compare Google Analytics parameters such as visitors, page views, average time on page, average session time, bounce rate, transactions, average order value, unique purchases, and more.

Ken Godskind, Vice President of Monitoring Products for SmartBear, said, “Integrating Google Analytics with AlertSite Web performance data is a real breakthrough for companies. For the first time, they have a full 360-degree view of how website performance is influencing customer activity, either positively or negatively. We’ve connected the dots for online marketers and IT Operations to make it easier to make the technical improvements on their sites that lead to financial improvements they’re looking for.”

AlertSite captures and records the Web experience from the end user’s perspective. Users can record any multi-step transaction, or click stream, then play it back to recreate the TrueUser experience. Only AlertSite monitors the true-user experience, reporting the performance of Web applications from the perspective of an actual Web browser – including sites completely built in Flash.

Site performance is monitored from more than 75 data centers located on every major continent. Performance problems are identified in real-time and customers are alerted immediately. With the integration of Google Analytics data, users can link global Web performance to consumer load and behavior.

The ability to capture and correlate Google Analytics data for all 24 metrics is available now, and is included at no additional charge as part of the AlertSite Monitoring Suite. Google Analytics is provided by Google free of charge. A free AlertSite trial is available at AlertSite.

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