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New LoadComplete by SmartBear Dramatically Reduces Time to Acquire Data for Blazing Fast Load Testing Performance

LoadComplete 3.0 Accelerates Load Testing Cycles and Significantly Decreases Testing Time to Optimize Application Performance
Beverly, MA — October 29, 2014 — SmartBear Software, the choice of more than two million software professionals for building and delivering the world’s best applications, announced a new and rebranded version of LoadUIWeb – LoadComplete 3.0 – to help organizations drastically reduce the time required to test and optimize application performance. Customers deploying the new version accelerate load testing cycles and significantly decrease performance testing time.
Load testing is often left to the last minute by many organizations since new revenue enhancing features almost always taking precedence over basic performance testing. By leaving performance testing to the end, companies erroneously believe that simple, quick and minor tweaks are all that are needed to meet application performance requirements. Teams are frequently left with a short amount of time before the deployment of an application, to identify, uncover and resolve serious performance issues. While these challenges affect all applications, they are especially poignant with mobile applications. A recent Forrester Research report states, “Performance is not a priority for today's mobile development teams....Development teams typically want to focus on mobile app performance, but all too often business sponsors prioritize new features over sustained performance engineering.”[1]
LoadComplete 3.0 helps test business-critical rich Internet and mobile applications in shortened performance testing cycles, providing advanced analysis and reporting, which allows testers to compare results of different tests side by side. Analyzing server and browser side metrics across different load tests becomes convenient as there is no need to perform manual comparison when a change is introduced to existing performance tests or there is a need to compare one version of the application against another. Additionally, LoadComplete 3.0 further reduces the time required for analyzing and debugging test scripts. Through a single click, testers can identify request dependencies among different pages of an application, dramatically minimizing the need for time consuming manual analysis that would otherwise be required to develop and debug load scripts.
“Inter-request correlation is the single-most complex, time-consuming and frustrating effort in all performance testing practices, stopping the brightest engineers from conducting meaningful performance tests,” said Mark Tomlinson of PerfBytes. “The outcome is inadequate attention and validation of performance. Reducing the time and complexity associated with testing increases the adoption of testing by more engineers, and earlier in the lifecycle, provides more accurate insights into application performance. If you're using any other load testing tool, you're probably wasting tons of time doing correlation manually and publishing results that are incorrect. LoadComplete 3.0 reduces the pain associated with application testing, making it easier to find, fix and move forward, spending less time in scripting puzzles and more time running tests and driving results back to your team.”
“With LoadComplete 3.0, SmartBear has focused on reducing load testing time, enabling testers to significantly increase their  efficiency and decrease the time to value of their testing within shorter schedules,” said Rich Caplow, SVP Product Commercialization at SmartBear.  “A side by side comparison of different load tests along with an ability to identify request dependencies between pages not only reduces the complexity of running a load test but also ensures these tests are completed in a timely manner.” 
Other enhancements to LoadComplete include support for an increase in the number of virtual users a load generation agent can support. LoadComplete 3.0 supports 1,000 virtual users per agent, an increase from a 250 virtual user limit for each agent previously. As a result, organizations spend less on hardware in order to run a particular load test. 
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[1] “Building High-Performance Mobile Experiences,” Forrester Research, Inc., July 15, 2014.

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Contact: Tracy Wemett, BroadPR

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