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Enhance API Design and Documentation with New OpenAPI Specification 3.0 Support in SwaggerHub

SmartBear Introduces Support for OpenAPI Specification 3.0 in SwaggerHub for Teams to Design and Document New APIs as well as Convert Existing APIs to the Latest OpenAPI Specification
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — September 21, 2017 —

SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for teams, today announced that SwaggerHub, the integrated API design and documentation platform for teams, launches initial support for OpenAPI Specification (OAS) 3.0. This update allows teams to leverage the latest OAS 3.0 in their design and documentation workflow for new APIs and seamlessly convert existing APIs to OAS 3.0.


The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) has emerged as the world’s standard for describing RESTful APIs. The OAS defines the interface for RESTful APIs, describing them in a format that is easily discoverable and understandable by both machines and humans. The OAS was originally called the Swagger Specification, and was donated by SmartBear Software to the Linux Foundation to standardize the way REST APIs are described in an open and transparent manner, under the governance of the Open API Initiative (OAI). The newest version of the OAS, 3.0, adds rich, expressive capabilities to describe APIs, and was released in July 2017.

Individual practitioners like developers, architects and technical writers, as well as organizations of all sizes, are actively looking for tools and platforms to leverage the power of OAS 3.0. SwaggerHub is one of the first API platforms in the market to offer support for the OAS 3.0 to facilitate the easy transition into designing and documenting quality APIs using the latest OAS. Users can now describe their APIs using OAS 3.0 in an intuitive editor that is equipped with intelligent syntax auto completion and error feedback. SwaggerHub also auto generates and hosts the visual API documentation from the OAS 3.0 definition, allowing teams to focus on the API’s implementation and adoption, and not the infrastructural complexities for discovery.

Apart from designing and documenting new APIs with OAS 3.0, users can also migrate their APIs from Swagger 2.0 to OAS 3.0 using SwaggerHub’s OAS converter. This allows teams to instantly move to OAS 3.0 without having to decipher and convert every single line of their definition manually or plumbing through external plugins.

“SmartBear has always empowered users, and today we’re proud to announce OAS 3.0 support in SwaggerHub,” said Christian Wright, EVP and GM, API Business at SmartBear. “With SwaggerHub’s support for OAS 3.0, teams can use the rich, expressive capabilities of the latest OAS to design and document APIs, and can also instantly migrate from Swagger 2.0 to OAS 3.0 with our in-built OAS converter. This, along with an array of other powerful API development features, enables teams to deliver world-class APIs that are quick to build and easy to consume.”

Learn more about OAS 3.0 support in this SwaggerHub post:

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Contact: Tracy Wemett, BroadPR

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