Design and Document APIs Faster with New Open Source Swagger UI and Editor

Latest Version of Popular Open Source Swagger UI and Editor to Launch by SmartBear at IBM InterConnect – March 19-23, 2017 – Las Vegas
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — March 16, 2017 —

SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for teams, is launching the new Swagger open source Editor and UI at the Open Technology Summit at IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 19, 2017. The new Swagger Editor and UI have been optimized for speed and reliability, introduce extensibility and customization capabilities, and now offer a unified design and documentation experience for APIs written in the OpenAPI Specification.


The new Swagger Editor and UI bring speed and reliability to the forefront of the API design and documentation process. The size of the tools has been reduced by 80 percent, which makes for a more agile experience designing concrete, robust and long APIs. They also introduce extensibility mechanisms that allow users to fully customize the interface and build their own functionality on top of the core Swagger platform.

This release merges the Swagger Editor and UI technologies into a single platform and code-base that is easier to integrate and work with. This unified experience establishes a common framework for developers and end users to design, engineer and consume APIs written in the OpenAPI Specification.

In addition, the new Editor offers improved, more precise error feedback and complete syntax auto-completion, allowing API developers to design and build APIs much more efficiently.

“The Swagger Editor and UI have become the accepted standard for designing and documenting APIs in the OpenAPI Specification, and have seen massive adoption and growth in the API industry,” said Tony Tam, Vice President of Swagger Products at SmartBear. “The new version of the Swagger Editor and UI are a great improvement over their predecessors, and users are able to design, document and visualize their APIs in the OpenAPI Specification much more efficiently. The open source community has greatly contributed to helping us achieve this level of innovation in the Swagger Editor and UI.” 

The Swagger UI is the most successful and recognizable tool to document and visualize APIs. The combination of the Swagger Editor and UI is downloaded once every 3 seconds. The new Swagger Editor and UI were re-engineered from the ground up, accommodating feedback from tens of thousands of members from the developer community, and like their predecessors, are fully open source. The newest version of the Swagger Editor and UI lays the groundwork for compatibility with the future OpenAPI Specification 3.0, when it is released later this year.

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Swagger is an open source API framework, sponsored by SmartBear Software, that allows developers and teams to design, build, document and consume RESTful web services. The Swagger framework drives consistency and stability across the API workflow in a way that is both machine and human readable. With over 10 million downloads and the industry standard for describing REST APIs, Swagger is the world’s most popular framework for RESTful services. For more information, visit: or for the Swagger community, follow @SwaggerApi on Twitter or visit the Google forum.  

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