Scale Testing Using Modern Scripting Languages and SCM Integrations

TestComplete 11.0 comes with support for Python along with integrations to multiple sources control management systems. This helps you achieve the following:

  • Create Automated Python Scripts Easily  –  Use record and replay functionality of TestComplete to create automated Python scripts without having to learn a scripting the language.
  • Get More From Your Python Scripts  Use TestComplete’s object recognition capabilities to create robust automates tests. Screenshots captured during test runs enable you to find and fix failed Python scripts swiftly.
  • Run Multiple Tests Simultaneously – Scale and execute automated Python tests from the cloud or virtual machines for only $499 a year.
  • Perform Continuous Integration – Use out of the box integration with source control systems such as Git, Subversion, and Mercurial and build systems such as Jenkins to get rapid feedback on tests.
  • Support for Emerging Technologies With TestComplete 11.0, you can run and test applications on Windows 10.

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