TestComplete Adds Artificial Intelligence to Eliminate Key UI Test Automation Issues

TestComplete is an easy-to-use automated UI testing tool that enables teams to create and run tests for desktop, mobile, and web applications. The tool's latest features will enable you test every software, and with AI-powered visual recognition, you can detect any UI element for easy test design and maintenance. 

Here's what you can expect over the 30 days of your TestComplete trial:

  • Expanded test coverage with object recognition with AI: Test complex and hard-to-find application components such as charts, mainframes, and PDFs, as well as SAP applications.
  • Smarter test maintenance with an intelligent recommendation system: Avoid test maintenace headaches. TestComplete will auto-detect and notify you of any unused objects and changes made to your application.
  • Enhanced web testing for modern frameworks: Test applications based on React and Angular web frameworks such as Facebook, Netflix, PayPal, and What's App.
  • Script and Scriptless Test Creation: Use the tool's robust record and replay feature or choose from seven languages to easily create test scripts, with or without programming knowledge.
  • Instant access to 1500+ remote test environments: Check for cross-browser and cross-device comatibility without having to set up and maintain your own environments.

"I just tried out the new Hybrid Object Recognition Engine with AI in TestComplete, and it worked great! We have a few tests that run in a Citrix environment that only gives us one big image to work with. Currently we are limited to using xy coordinates, but with the new AI-powered object recognition in TestComplete we will now be able to use specific text to move through our App. I like it!”

 - Carol Gossman, Automation Engineer at TEAM Software

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