See What Collaborator Can Offer

See why leading companies in the industry are choosing to standardize their process with a tool that can manage both code and document reviews across teams. In this session, our engineer will give an overview of Collaborator, highlight features that are most relevant to your team, and answer any questions you have.

See key features like:

  • Pull request support for GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket

  • Reports to analyze the quality and impact of your code reviews

  • E-signatures and review reports for building an audit trail

  • Customizable fields, templates, and workflows to fit your team

Collaborator supports 11 different SCMs including: TFS, Git, Perforce, Subversion, Rational Team Concert, Synergy, ClearCase, AccuRev, CVS, Mercurial, & PTC Integrity.

Used by Industry Leaders

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