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APIs: Testing the Center of the Online Universe

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are at the heart of most data driven applications. Never before has the access to so much data been so widespread; with the adoption of RESTful API design and frameworks like Swagger, our connected world is growing even more connected. APIs are often overlooked during the QA phase, since users can't directly complain about a bug or performance issue of the actual API, all they see is your loading screen waiting to be filled with data. Nevertheless, testing web services and APIs, both internal and external is critical in producing quality software that works for the end user in a manner that it's supposed to.

Software applications are often thought of as having 3 layers: A data layer, a logic layer, and the presentation( or GUI) layer. APIs sit at the logic or messaging layer, and is the conduit between databases around the world, and your front-end program that a user interacts with. There are many aspects of API testing that are similar to traditional software testing, like performance testing or mocking, but since their is no GUI, there are a few quirks to master. Read through our collection of API Testing resources, and be sure to keep up with our newest posts and videos.

REST API Testing: For Beginners

Let's take some fundamentals of software testing, flip them on their side, and see how we can get better API testing.

Why It's Necessary to Test Your APIs 

Coming over from GUI Testing, or just beginning testing your REST or SOAP APIs? Start here to learn why testing APIs is critical!

Continuous Integration Testing For APIs

Continuous Integation can be tough for QA teams and testers. Learn how to make it an easier process for all teams involved. 

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Join Richard Feller as he talks about the importance of API Testing and Performance monitoring at our first ever SmartBear Connect Conference.

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Hear from Ted Epstein during his presentation about rapid development with OAS3 during our first ever SmartBear Connect Conference.

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Learn the basics of REST API testing and how the right tooling can enable you to simplify and accelerate you API testing processes.

API Documentation with the OpenAPI Sp...

In this webinar, we will look at the role of the OpenAPI Specification in documenting APIs, and how teams can leverage tools like Swagger UI and

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In this webinar, we will look at different approaches to generating an OAS definition for your existing APIs.

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Join this webinar to learn how Jenkins and ReadyAPI can help teams deliver continuous API quality — right inside your pipeline.

Accelerating Microservices Testing wi...

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Performance Testing On Every Commit

With teams shifting to CI/CD and DevOps delivery at a rapid pace, performance testing can still be a major bottleneck to most teams. Siloed

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