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SmartBear introduceert OpenAPI-ondersteuning in AlertSite

SmartBear, aanbieder in softwarekwaliteitstools voor teams, heeft ondersteuning aangekondigd voor OpenAPI-specificatie (OAS) in AlertSite, aanbieder op het...


How Managers Are Driving Women Away (from Sales)

Today, I read that 25% of technology salespeople are women, and only 12% are female sales managers. In my experience, that statistic seems...


7 Items No API Documentation Can Live Without

For APIs who wish to have a more automated system from documentation to iteration, there are many tools available, like Swagger UI, Slate, Gelato, and more...


Boston Startups and Tech Companies Hiring in March

SmartBearHeadquartered at Assembly Row, the provider of software developer tools is looking for Account Managers, Enterprise Account Managers and Sales...


What Should You Consider Before OpenAPI Adoption?

OpenAPI, known by its more formal name as the OpenAPI Specification, is a specification and initiative for the creation of machine-readable interface...


SmartBear Intros OpenAPI Support in AlertSite

SmartBear is supporting OpenAPI Specification (OAS) in AlertSite. The new OpenAPI support in AlertSite allows teams to leverage their existing OpenAPI...


Swagger, OpenAPI ou OpenAPI Spec ?

Dans le monde de la description d’API, on entend souvent parler de Swagger, d’OpenAPI ou d’OpenAPI Spec. Mais qui est qui ? Et surtout, que...


Can Agile Marketing Help Streamline Your Strategy?

Many marketers have turned to the practice of agile marketing to help deliver on the need for speed. According to VersionOne’s State of Agile report...


How Do You Secure Open Source Software?

To gather insights on the current and future state of open source software (OSS), we talked to 31 executives. This is nearly double the number we speak to...

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