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This week’s news that didn’t fit to print from HP, NetSuite and BitDefender

* Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ) has announced the expansion of the ColorLok paper standard with new benefits for commodity-grade office papers for laser...


SmartBear boasts more pricing flexibility than software testing alternatives

Software testing and quality assurance software vendor SmartBear Software is looking to build its channel capacity and has targeted Canada for growth...


TestComplete 8.0 Eases Test Automation

SmartBear Software has begun shipping a new release of AutomatedQA TestComplete 8.0. SmartBear is the new name for AutomatedQA, Smart Bear Software and...


Using SmartBear's Code Collaborator and git

We're rolling SmartBears Code Collaborator into our development tool suite at my current job. We currently use IntelliJ IDEA and git. In this post, I'...


SmartBear Software puts its paws on Beverly

Three companies making tools for software developers have made a real smart move by coming together in the Cummings Center in Beverly, the president of...


SmartBear’s TestComplete 8.0 targets beginners

With a new Test Visualizer and keyword-driven testing aimed at novice testers, along with a new JavaBridge for more experienced testers, automated testing...


SmartBear Software launches in Beverly

WBZ’s Rod Fritz reports SmartBear Software was created by the combining of three companies.


Three-way merger creates family of dev, test tools

In a rare business maneuver, three companies are merging, but no acquisition is taking place.

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