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DC Earthquake Dominates Social Media Sites: 5 Must See Stats

News about the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Washington, D.C. on Tuesday and was felt in cities throughout the East coast exploded online, spreading...


SmartBear Simplifies Peer Review With "PeerReview Complete"

While i was assuming SmarBear would take some time to launch their new product they have come up with yet another innovative product that addresses practical...


New Connection Bridge for Hardware and Software Design Teams

SmartBear Software releases new peer review tool


Strategies for Addressing Thorny ALM Issues

If you’ve worked in software development and/or quality management (QM) for many years, you’ve probably found yourself in all kinds of thorny...


Why Google+ Could Be a Minus for Chrome

Ask any power user, blogger, or journalist which PC web browser is the fastest or the most secure, and the answer will almost always be, "Google Chrome....


SmartBear releases peer review tool to coordinate hardware/software design

PeerReview Complete from SmartBear Software is a new peer review tool that bridges the gap between software and hardware engineers to share, review, and...


INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Ranks #2 For U.S. Traffic

Well over 1.2 million different websites link to Facebook, which currently ranks second for U.S. web traffic on Alexa.


SmartBear, AutomatedQA, Pragmatic Software merge

To make enterprise-class software development and testing tools easily accessible to developers


SmartBear Software Releases LoadComplete Load-Testing Tool

SmartBear Software, a provider of software development and testing tools, has released LoadComplete, a new load-testing tool that aims to simplify and reduce...