Test Automation for All: Coming to Zephyr Scale 

Join us as we introduce new automation capabilities in Zephyr Scale which will empower everyone on your team to deliver better software faster. New no-code test automation, test step suggestions, and record and playback features make test automation accessible to all—allowing testers to build and run better automated tests without scripting. 

  • Simplify Automation: Create and execute automated tests in seconds – no coding required. 
  • Build Stronger Tests: Intelligent step suggestions improve your test quality and lead to fewer faulty tests. 
  • Deliver Faster: Automate manual tests in seconds to accelerate release cycles and eliminate bottlenecks. 
  • Expand Your Reach: Get more automated test runs and broader test coverage with cross-browser testing, parallel tests, and email and SMS testing using Zephyr Scale Automate, the add-on for Zephyr Scale.  

See for yourself how these new capabilities in Zephyr Scale will transform your team's efficiency and accuracy so you can catch more bugs and release faster.  

Duration: 60 Minutes

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