AI Meets Observability: Challenges & Predictions

AI is everywhere these days – whether it’s the latest “AI-powered” startup or even your local dealership accidentally giving cars away for free. AI is here to stay, and it is quickly coming to the observability space. 

As software systems become increasingly complex, observability is becoming more critical. With AI, devs can enhance traditional software tools and practices. 

Watch now to hear from Eran Grabiner, Co-Founder of Aspecto and currently Director of Product Management at SmartBear, and Roy Miara, who Leads the Relevance & GenAI group at Pinecone, about the upcoming AI revolution in observability.

We’ll discuss: 

  • Advancements in data collection and sampling 
  • Potentials for observability copilots 
  • Challenges for data privacy and security 
  • Benefits of implementing AI-driven observability 
  • And more! 
Duration: 45 Minutes

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