AlertSite Features

Comprehensive Synthetic Monitoring for Websites, Applications, and APIs.

Hybrid Deployment

Monitor without limits. Our global network of 350+ nodes and private monitoring options ensure you have full visibility into your entire digital performance.

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Create Web Monitors With DéjàClick

Create complex scripts in just a few clicks, literally. DéjàClick captures user journeys and transforms them into scripts used to monitor the processes that matter most.

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Fast and Intelligent Alerting

Fastest and the most intelligent alerts ensure you know immediately when something's amiss.

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Robust Reporting & Analytics

Determine root-cause, identify what inhibits your optimal performance, and make data driven decision instantly.

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Automate and Configure with AlertSite APIs

Connect, automate, and configure with AlertSite's easy to use APIs.

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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Support your authentication practices with AlertSite's Single Sign-On support.

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Free Training & Support

Ensuring you succeed with AlertSite is our number one priority. From initial roll-out of the tool to day-to-day support, our responsive team is always there to help you out.

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Enterprise Ready

Deploy and Scale with ease, AlertSite is Enterprise Ready.

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  • Intuitive SaaS tool for seamless, easy deployment
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  • Access to 350+ global network of nodes
  • Test-On-Demand for immediate observability