SmartBear Releases Azure DevOps Integration with Collaborator

Azure Repos users can now integrate Collaborator peer reviews with pull request workflow in Azure DevOps for robust reviews and real-time collaboration
Somerville — Dezember 17, 2019 —

SmartBear, the driver behind the industry’s leading tools for ensuring quality software delivery, has added support for repository management tools with its new integration of Azure DevOps with Collaborator. The premier peer code and document review tool already supports repository hosting services, GitLab, Bitbucket, and GitHub, and now users of Azure Repos can integrate Collaborator peer reviews with their pull request in Azure DevOps.  

“There is no other peer review tool that integrates with all four repository management tools as well as 11 other SCMs and allows development teams of all sizes to review various documents, including requirements, user stories, test plans, and more,” said Justin Collier, Product Manager at SmartBear. “Azure DevOps users care a lot about software quality and many need more robust, meaningful peer review capabilities beyond what is offered in Azure DevOps. Collaborator gives them an integrated solution that enables cross-functional collaboration across the software development organization.

Pull requests automatically initiate reviews in Collaborator, and an iterative review process begins. This integration ensures that the correct stakeholders are on every review and that important data is captured and can be reported on for regulatory compliance, audits, and process improvement.

The Collaborator Azure DevOps integration allows users to import multiple repositories with one click, initiate a pull request and automatically create a code review in Collaborator, and generate reviews on pushes and block merges until the review is complete. Collaborator can be configured to automatically merge pull requests and close out its branch when a review is completed.

By extending the pull request workflow, teams now have access to review metrics like defect density, time spent on reviews, lines of code reviewed, and more. Customizable reports can be downloaded to a zip file easily, which means it is simple for teams to maintain an audit trail and meet compliance standards.

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