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SmartBear Developer Network

The SmartBear Developer Network is designed to help our customers expand and customize our products for your needs.

As software developers ourselves, we know that there are a million ideas out there and only so much time to build product. That's why we built our plugin framework - so you can use your own creative talents to extend the product with your brilliant ideas.

Feel free to build plugins for your own team to use but we would also love to share your creations with our whole user base. Most of all: BUILD SOMETHING. :-)

Upcoming Events


Agile Testing Days USA 2018

The Agile Testing Days Conference is a festival for the agile community. Network & get deep insights in testing...

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Gartner AADI Summit, Australia 2018

Hear the latest tactics and best practices across applications, take a look ahead at Chatbots, Cognitive Computing...

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Visual Studio Live, Redmond, WA 2018

Visual Studios unique brand of practical developer training will be at the Microsoft Headquarters and SmartBear will...

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API World 2018

API World is the world’s largest API conference and expo, organizing the API Economy. SmartBear will be in the expo...

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NDC Sydney 2018

NDC Sydney 2018 is a meeting place for Programmers, Software Architects, Project Managers and IT Executives from...

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StarWest 2018

StarWest, one of the most respected software testing and quality assurance shows with vast in-demand topics and...

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Selenium Conference Chicago 2018

You can look forward to inspiring and insightful talks, in-depth Selenium training workshops, and fantastic...

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Nordic API Platform Summit 2018

Nordics largest community for API practitioners and enthusiasts. We are committed to helping companies make smarter...

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SmartBear Connect 2018

SmartBear Connect will bring together the world’s testing, development and technology communities. This two-day event...

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Agile Testing Days Europe 2018

Europe's largest Agile Software Testing Festival. Visit SmartBear in the expo for a demo.

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