Your Guide to Leading Software Testing Tool Ranking and Review Sites
  October 24, 2018

The market for software testing tools especially for automated testing has become saturated with multiple options - many inadequate and hard to use. Product offerings are changing drastically and reaching a consolidation period through acquisitions, including MicroFocus and HP, IBM Rational and HCL, SmartBear with Zephyr and Hiptest, Perfecto, and QASymphony. Customers need a better way to understand their options -- not from companies, but directly from analysts, users, and industry evangelists. This is even more important when purchasing B2B services because of the generally higher cost of commitment that is required, demanding more validation and due diligence to ensure a tool meets the needs of an automation tester or engineer on your team.

Here is a complete list of software testing tool rankings and reviews distinguished by three key characteristics to provide an invaluable and unbiased perspective when moving from manual to automated testing or choosing a test automation tool.

1/ First Hand Experience – directly from users

2/ Level of Detail - about the tool functionality and scope

3/ Credibility - reliability from an unbiased source


Product Ratings and Online Reviews

Online reviews provide an unbiased, credible perspective on the tool and its customer base. In fact, ninety percent of buyers read online reviews before visiting a business. Online reviews provide a platform to gather first-hand experience with detailed information on areas where products are successful and where they require the most improvement. Readers can read reviews from other practitioners to validate a product’s global and industry reach. Two leading peer-to-peer review platforms come to mind when validating technology software for test automation tools.

First Hand Experience: High

Level of Detail: Medium

Credibility: High

G2 Crowd - Top Test Automation Software Leaders

G2 Crowd, leading peer-to-peer review platform for technology software, has more than 1,000,000 reviews and receives more than 3,000 reviews per month, making it a great resource if you are looking for a test automation tool. In their most recent analysis, they ranked products by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on market share, vendor size, and social impact) and placed into four categories on their Grid Report for Test Automation.

G2 Crowd rates products from the Test Automation category algorithmically based on data sourced from product reviews shared by G2 Crowd users. Technology buyers can then leverage the results to select the best product fit for their needs by identify with peers coming from similar experiences.

Trust Radius - Top Rated Functional Testing Tools

TrustRadius is another trusted review site for business technology. Their mission is to bring transparency to the world of enterprise technology by helping users learn from their peers to find solutions, making it a great resource to validate test automation tools. Every reviewer is verified and every review is vetted before publication.

Top test automation tools are ranked based on a proprietary algorithm that calculates product scores based on weighted averaged from user reviews and ratings, designed to create the most accurate, holistic viewpoint of test automation tools in the market.


Analyst Research

Insights from analysts are compiled from verified peer-driven research and robust data analysis to help software teams understand and select the tool(s) in the market that best fits their organizational needs. Leading analysts prioritize and allocate resources to analyze each company and its product. By asking the same questions to each company and creating one platform to test against, analysts are able to provide a comprehensive benchmark on top vendors and their products. In addition to their individual research, they speak to customers for additional validation, complimenting their research with personal client experiences.

First Hand Experience: Medium

Level of Detail: High

Credibility: High

Gartner – Leading Research and Advisory Company for Technology Providers

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation evaluates test automation tool providers that not only have a robust offering and strong user experience that meets dynamic and diverse customer needs, but also an ability to show continued commitment to the evolution of the test automation marketplace with its product strategy. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (MQ) evaluates credible technology providers based on its ability to execute and completeness of vision. The MQ for Software Test Automation ranks major vendors, specifically, for their ability to accelerate and scale functional automated testing as well as enable continuous testing required by DevOps.

Forrester – Leading Market Research Company for Technology Providers

The Forrester Wave for Omnichannel Functional Test Automation Tools evaluates functional test automation tool providers for a strong product portfolio and market presence. The Forrester Wave bases their analysis through a combination of lab evaluations, questionnaires, demos, and client references to provide a benchmark of key qualities that each company’s offering, strategy and market penetration is ranked against.


Test Automation Leaders and Evangelists

Test automation leaders and evangelists are experts in their field. They are subject matter experts that are comfortable providing how-to tutorials and best practices from past experiences, guiding other professional to a more efficient, optimal path to be successful in the field of test automation. There are many leaders that share their expertise with the test automation community. Two come to mind that stand out amongst the crowd because of their large following and ability to serve as a lighthouse for test automation advice and leadership.

First Hand Experience: High

Level of Detail: High

Credibility: High

Angie Jones

Angie is a world-renowned speaker, presenting at over 100 different conferences and workshops around the globe. She specializes in test automation strategies and shares her own experience with the rest of the developer and tester community. She has almost 10K twitter followers and a robust automation blog that serves as a great resource for engineers focused on learning more about how to optimize and take advantage of the industry’s latest technologies and agile methodologies to achieve quality at speed.

Joe Colantonio

Joe Colantonio is one of the test automation industry’s leading evangelist. Joe is the founder of his popular blog,, the podcast, TestTalks, and Guild Conferences where he brings practitioners, companies, and other industry leaders together to discuss the industry’s top trends and solutions. Whether it is a new TestTalk or online conference, Joe’s primary focus is to help people and organizations achieve new levels of test automation with a diverse selection of resources, including test automation tool guides, best practices, and tutorials.