The Sexiest Acronyms These Days: MQTT, IOT and IBM
  March 03, 2015

Of course, when you go to Las Vegas, you expect to see 'sexy'. The glitz and glamour of the Strip was the perfect locale for this enormous and lively conference hosted by IBM and showcasing some of the latest trends in cloud, API, and Internet of Things.

What was interesting was to find that one of the most prominent players on center stage, wearing the sexiest outfits, was a protocol. Very rarely do protocols find themselves in the Vegas spotlight, esp one that has been around since 1999 with very little fanfare. But MQTT's time has come - with the rise in connected devices, this lightweight messaging protocol has become all the rage, forming the basis for innovative hacks and demos throughout the IBM show floor this week.

And the cool MQTT hacks weren't just isolated to the IBM Interconnect conference - across the pond at the Embedded World Conference in Germany, they were also playing pub-sub games for fun and profit. Who can resist a protocol that helps brew your java in the morning?

But it's not just individual innovators getting into this game. Intel has no problem adopting IBM technology on their own Intel platform to create robust yet lightweight IoT solutions.

Meanwhile, back in Vegas... it's no mystery why IBM focused so much energy and square footage to MQTT. With their reinvigorated push for Bluemix to be the IoT broker for the connected world, IBM is back on the innovation map. At the conference, Bluemix strutted its stuff loud and proud, with MQTT often at its side. IBM sees the Bluemix platform as an easy win not just for web/mobile developers but for anybody building IoT solutions.

I think many of us had the same response to Interconnect - who is THIS IBM? Where were all the blue suits and stuffy technologies? This was a conference full of connected cars and IoT hacking, much of it using IBM technologies that many people don't connect to IBM. In fact, Mike Curry said it best: