The Evolution of the Swagger Specification, Coming Your Way!
  March 07, 2017

The Swagger Specification is what makes all the Swagger and SwaggerHub tooling hum--it describes a commitment from the API that you can depend upon, and does so in a simple, machine-readable manner. From that information we can build great documentation, interactive user interfaces, clients, and servers--all automatically!

In November of 2015, SmartBear created a Linux Foundation working group around the specification, and along with a host of prominent and forward-looking partners, has been working hard at the evolution of the Swagger Specification under the Open API Initiative (OAI). The Open API Initiative seeks to create, evolve and promote an open description format for API services that is vendor-neutral, portable and evolves under shared governance.

Now after a bit over a year, the OAI has released the first Release Candidate of the next version of the Swagger Specification, relabeled as the Open API Specification. In its evolution, we are bringing some new capabilities to capture emerging trends in the REST API space.

At IBM InterConnect, I’ll be presenting with IBM's Jeff Borek on what you need to know about what's coming in the 3.0 specification, and dive into new use cases that will be possible. Want to learn about how we're going to tame links?  Or how the new Callback feature can drive communication between servers? Join us on Tuesday at 1:30 PM in South Pacific J

If you’re attending IBM InterConnect we’d love to catch up with you! Meet with the SmartBear team at booth #663 to see live demos, get cool swag and much more. Let us know if you’ll be there @SmartBear.