Test Automation Secrets Your QA Team Needs to Know
  March 08, 2013

Next week we are hosting a fantastic webinar that will give you the chance to learn from experienced QA Managers who have implemented test automation in their process and who have had success with it. Join our panel of test automation experts on Tuesday, March 12, at 1:00 p.m. (EST) as they share their secrets to success with test automation.

Glen Accardo

Test Automation Lead for Schlumberger Information Solution’s Houston Technology CenterGlen is the Test Automation Lead for Schlumberger Information Solution’s Houston Technology Center. In this role, he built the test automation practice for the technology center and influences the development of test automation throughout Schlumberger. In addition to automating tests for Windows, Unix, and mainframe applications, he also has experience with quality assurance, development, and technical writing.


Quality Engineering Manager at IntuitLinda Foley

Linda is a Quality Engineering Manager at Intuit, with experience in Java development, test automation and software quality assurance all with an eye on end to end customer experience.  Prior to her moving into Quality Management, Linda was a Java Web Service developer and contributed source code and unit test code to various projects.


Join us as Linda and Glen share their experience with test automation, and offer their advice for success. Each of them has a great deal of experience with the adoption of test automation, and they both come from incredibly successful organizations in their respective industry domains. 

In this event we're not going to talk about individual tools, but rather focus on other important topics, such as:

  1. How to hire the right resources
  2. How to integrate test automation in the overall quality control process
  3. What are the little known secrets to success?

Don't miss this opportunity to join the event and to engage in the discussion.

During registration, you have the opportunity to post any questions you would like answered. Yesterday I had a chance to review the first batch of several hundreds of questions. One set of similar questions caught my eye, and I feel they are important to address even before the event. Here's a succinct example of the common question:

  • How will I pursuade my boss to invest in test automation?

First of all, kudos for articulating the problem in a clean and concise way. Here is something you can do to start the process: Bring your boss to the event next Tuesday! Tell him or her that this will be an opportunity to hear first hand from those who have done test automation. 

In today's day and age, it is absolutely neccessary to use test automation in the arsenal of qulity control methods. There is no way around it. I'm sure Glen will stress this idea in the webinar: Start small and automate some very basic and repetitive activities like setup and clean-up of the test environment, or the installation procedure, then apply these basic scripts to multiple operating systems and multiple browsers and run these tests on a regular basis.

There are many myths about test automation that can stand in your way. A good way to prevent them from keeping your processes stuck in the past is by learning from those who have been succesful. And that, my friends, is precisely why we've organized this event. 


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