Writing Testable Code through Fault Injection
Test and Monitor | Posted May 07, 2014

Every testing team out there has their own methods for achieving maximum efficiency in their testing processes. It's really all about what works for your particular team, on any particular project. Where one school of thought may promote the use of specific methods or tools, others may refute their value.

The testing team at Infinio Systems, located in Cambridge, Mass., believes they have found a good balance of automated and manual testing. In addition, they've supplemented their already robust quality processes by collaborating with their development team to create more testable code within their product.

In the video below, Paul Houlihan, QA Architect at Infinio, explains how his team has used a system of fault injections to improve test coverage.

What methods have your team adopted in your efforts to boost your test coverage, or improve the overall quality of your testing process? What kind of results have you seen from newly adopted methods? Leave a comment below to get involved in the conversation.

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