Write a Blog - Get a Shirt!
Test and Monitor | Posted November 23, 2008

Have you used Code Collaborator? If so, we are interested in
hearing about how it went, whether good or bad. Write a blog entry about your
experience with Code Collaborator and for a limited time, we will send you a
free shirt! Just send a link to your blog entry to blog4shirt@smartbear.com along
with your name, postal address, and preferred shirt size (Small, Medium, Large,
or Extra Large).

To get a shirt, your blog entry must contain sufficient
technical content. Long essays aren't necessary, but as a guideline, include a
few points about what you did or did not like about Code Collaborator.
Additionally, comments on doing code reviews in your organization would also be
great. We'll link to the best entries from our Code Review Articles page.

Don't have any experience using Code Collaborator?  Not a
problem, download a free trial copy here.
If you do not want to install the Code Collaborator server, that's also not a
problem: just install the client and then go to http://demo.smartbear.com and fill out the
Create New Account form.  You will then be able to use our free public demo
server; note, however, that demo.smartbear.com is on the internet so do not
upload code to it that should not be publicly available.  For more details,
check out Getting Started With Code Collaborator
and our online demo .

is no deadline, but shirt quantities are limited so don't

Important Details:
  • By all means submit multiple blog
    entries, but only one shirt will be sent per person.

  • Quantities are limited, so size preferences will be
    honored on a first come, first served basis.

  • Informed, insightful,
    educated comments – positive and negative – are always welcome. However,
    FUD-spewers, propagandists, and mean-spirited curmudgeons need not