Why Testing Matters
Test and Monitor | Posted November 09, 2017

It can be easy to dismiss software testing as an unnecessary investment of time and money. One or two little bugs couldn't possibly hurt anyone, right?

But for many organizations, one little bug spiraled out of control. Embarrassing software glitches in your product might make your brand go viral, but not in a good way! The good news is, you don’t have to learn the importance of proper software testing techniques the hard way. Check out our 5 favorite examples of Why Testing Matters:

  1. Apple's recent iOS 11.1 update came with a host of glitches. Users report that the new system won't type the letter "I," and emits a crackling sound during phone calls. As a result, many customers inadvertently bought a fancy, white paperweight instead of a new iPhone 8! Tweet this.
  2. Apple wasn’t the only company to fail to deliver on a cell phone’s most basic function this year. One of it’s competitors, the Android OnePlus 5, disconnects when users try to call 911Tweet this.
  3. Have you ever wondered who removes the more unsavory content from your newsfeed so that you don’t have to see it? This summer, a software bug at Facebook helped hate groups answer that question by revealing the identities of 1000+ of their moderators. Tweet this.
  4. Has your GPS ever led you astray? It could have been a timing anomaly! Last year, a bug caused a global GPS time delay of a whopping 13 microseconds, affecting users for several hours. Tweet this.
  5. Delays in testing caused the release of BART's new fleet of train cars to be pushed back by several months. Reports indicate that the exterior of the new trams are good to go, but that performance monitoring may be holding up the process. Tweet this.

Whether it’s a malfunctioning “I” or delayed tram cars, software bugs  could cost your company millions. But everyone makes mistakes… even software testers. And we want to hear about yours! Tweet your favorite software fails using #WhyTestingMatters.

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