Why Testing Matters: Community Comments
Test and Monitor | Posted February 09, 2018

Over the past few months, we’ve been exploring #WhyTestingMatters.

First, we looked into real-world examples of insufficient testing practices that went viral. Then, we asked some of our favorite experts to tell us why they think testing matters.

Next, we wanted to see what the members of our SmartBear Community had to say about #WhyTestingMatters. We asked them:

  1. Why do you think testing matters?
  2. What is your favorite software fail from your work or the news?

On why testing matters:

As community member Marsha R. rightfully points out, proper testing techniques will leave your team with more time to come up with new feature ideas.

“Fewer complaints means less time putting out fires and letting the team work on new development and isn't that the fun part?  Do the testing even if it seems boring and it will end up giving you more time to do what you really want to do.” – Marsha_R

Plus, in some industries improper testing can have truly disastrous results.

“One of my co-workers used to work for a railroad company where the software that controls the automatic breaking of the engines was being tested. He used a rule of thumb in that environment that, when it came to release date, they would all climb aboard the train with the new software running and aim the train at a wall, expecting the software to kick in and stop the train.  If they could not confidently do that, then the software was not ready for release.” – tristaanogre

Some of the best software fails:

Sometimes, even one of the biggest retailers in the US has trouble with testing.

“Macy's US is the top shopping destination. One of the best seasons to earn and make profit for Macy's is Black Friday. This black Friday, there was an issue with working of Credit cards. Customers line up for hours and then if the system doesn't respond, the frustration levels line up too!!!” – sweta_desa

The last thing you want is to accidentally prevent your users from accessing your application.

“My favorite bug was in one authorization test. If an application user has 3 unsuccessful login tries (wrong password) - he should be blocked. But the bug blocked ALL of the users! We spent a lot of time to understand what happened, because each time we deployed the fresh system image and database dump, then made steps to reproduce the issue -- finally we blocked the system again and again.” – baxatob

Why do you think testing matters? Tell us on Twitter!


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