Why Load Test?
Test and Monitor | Posted February 21, 2014

Do you know, right at this moment, how much traffic your site can handle? How many more daily users could you app actually handle? Are you really hitting the response times that you're promising your customers in your SLA?

The most obvious benefit of load testing is having the opportunity to improve your site speed or server performance. But an often overlooked benefit is simply knowing your site's limits. No application or website is perfect. Every server has its limits. But the only thing scarier than having a crippling bottleneck that slows down your website's response time is not having any idea that the bottleneck even exists.

In the video below, Michael Punsky, a performance testing expert who has run more than 900 load tests throughout his career, provides insight into the specific business situations that should lead you to load test your servers on a regular basis.

About Michael: Michael J. Punsky is the Manager of Professional Services for SmartBear. Michael has over 30 years of experience in technology in both the private sector and the United States Air Force. He specializes in the delivery of services, and mainly focuses his writing on website performance and load testing. You can find a list of articles written by Michael on the Software Quality Matters blog.

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