Why is AlertSite Going SaaS? [From the SmartBear Video Archive]
Test and Monitor | Posted June 20, 2014

Last week SmartBear announced our new Saas user experience platform, AlertSite UXM. As is the case with most companies, our marketing team tends to put forth an elevated level of energy and enthusiasm when we release a new product that we really believe in. Sure, it can get a bit hyperbolic, but it's all genuine enthusiasm and good fun.

Still, sometimes it's just good to wipe away some of that marketing buzz and hear from the people who are actually building the tools. Marketers are expected to be cheery and extroverted, but -- to me, at least -- it always seems most sincere when someone who actually is building a product enthusiastically explains why it's awesome.

The following clip of Marlon Bailey, Lead Software Architect for Hosted Systems, was never intended for external use. It is actually a small part of a larger interview I did in February 2013 to help me understand this major project that Marlon was spearheading at our AlertSite property in Coconut Creek, Florida. In the clip, Marlon explains what the project was looking like at the time, why we wanted to build the platform, and how it is expected to drastically improve the AlertSite customer experience.

It's should be noted that this interview came early in the development stages of what is now AlertSite UXM, and that not everything Marlon mentions has come to fruition just yet. Still, I think it's important for us to be transparent and to allow our developers to speak candidly about the tools and platforms they're working on behind the marketing curtain.

Take a look:

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