Where in the World is Dain?
Test and Monitor | Posted July 03, 2012

Have you seen our developer Dain from the loadUI team? Neither have we…

Being quite the vagabond, he’s been spending his latest time travelling our sites. The problem is, he keeps getting lost and we can’t find him. Could you help?

Starting next week, on July 9th, we’ll be starting a competition where you can help us find him, and you’ll get a chance to win a really cool t-shirt if you do. Every day, for 10 workdays, we’ll post one clue a day as to where you can find him on that day. If you manage to find him all you need to do is click him and use the Twitter-button you see. By doing this you can let us know you’ve found him, so we can get him back to developing loadUI again.

Every day we’ll pick 10 people from the previous day who’ll receive this really neat t-shirt.blog tee

You can be in the raffle each day, so if you didn’t get anything the first day, just try again the next. Also, on the final day, July 21st, there’s a grand prize. The first person to find him on that day will get to become their very own easter egg inside loadUI.

Start preparing today by following us on Twitter, @soapUI and @SmartBear, and head over to the campaign site to read more about finding Dain.





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