What’s New in Test Automation? Find Out with TestComplete 12.5
Test and Monitor | Posted April 10, 2018

As organizations continue to embrace the digital transformation to connect with their end-users, it is critical to modernize applications and provide a great digital experience regardless of the device their end-users’ have. Currently, software testing teams have to customize their tests to ensure test coverage across the broad array of platforms, mobile devices, and configurations in the market.

With TestComplete 12.5, teams can accelerate their cross-platform testing with new Xamarin.Forms and Electron support to streamline testing across mobile, web and desktop applications. The new feature enhancements will dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to test multiple platforms concurrently.

Here is how: 

Enhanced Mobile Testing with Cross-platform Support

As one of the only UI test automation tools to support Xamarin.Forms, TestComplete empowers software development and testing teams to test both web and mobile applications concurrently. Teams using Xamarin.Forms to create one codebase for iOS, Android, and Windows can quickly test all their devices and configurations with a single, automated test execution. For some time, TestComplete has provided mobile testing support with Xamarin.Native. SmartBear’s product team has now expanded TestComplete to include a comprehensive cross-platform offering with Xamarin.Forms.

Expanded Testing for Desktop Apps Built on Web Technologies

More and more customers are using web technologies to quickly create stable desktop applications. TestComplete now lets you create and run automated tests for Electron-based applications. With one tool, you can test both your desktop and web applications at the same time and popular tools such as Slack and Whatsapp., allowing QA teams to decrease test creation cycles and maintenance headaches.

Faster Script Maintenance and Debugging with our Script Tracer (Highest Community Vote!)

You requested, we delivered! TestComplete extends our code editor with the most popular feature request from our community. Testers can identify where their test variables, functions, or objects are used for rapid application updates, debugging, and test reusability. Just right-click on the variable name and select “Find Usages” to start navigating large script units or projects quickly.

Other feature enhancements include:

  • New Test VideoRecorder for improved debugging and faster resolution
  • The ability to identify cross-browser tests by status and filter errors by type for enhanced reporting
  • Built-in test samples to help new automation testers get started with TestComplete even faster

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